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08/31/2009 Sadhu Johnston Resigns

06/05/2009 Jury Prices Country Club at $25M based on Rezoning Probability

05/05/2009 Chicago Landmarks Ordinance Unconstitutional?

03/10/2009 Decon '09

03/03/2009 City Hall Shakeup

12/19/2008 Monocchio Named Building Commissioner

10/29/2008 Budget Troubles Lead to Changes at Zoning, Planning

06/24/2008 New E-Zine: Sustainable Chicago

06/04/2008 Alderman Blocks New School

04/18/2008 Job Opening: Building Commish

02/27/2008 Earth Hour

01/31/2008 A Greener Chicago

Rodriguez Brings Process Improvement to the DOB

09/04/2007 City increases environmental focus

09/04/2007 New Commissioner for Planning and Development

08/16/2007 Daley appoints Sadhu Johnston Chief Environmental Officer

06/30/2007 Daley Appoints Commissioner of Buildings

11/17/2006 New Eminent Domain Laws Protect Property Owners

11/02/2006 Richard Rodriguez Interview

11/01/2006 2006 Chicago Zoning Ordinance and Online GIS Maps Coming Soon!

10/23/2006 Electrical Permit Applications Online Only

07/24/2006 LaSalle Central TIF

07/03/2006 Get Your Sign Permits Online

05/18/2006 Chicago's Green Permit Program

05/01/2006 New Zoning Permit Process

04/19/2006 First Regional Planning Board Director Named

02/17/2006 Illinois taking steps to avoid Kelo

02/07/2006 New Acting Zoning Administrator and Reporting Structure

02/07/2006 New Chief of the Department of Construction and Permits

12/20/2005 New Chicago Planning Chief: Lori Healy

11/29/2005 Revolving Door at City Hall

10/12/2005 Chicago Building Opportunities Under the New Zoning Ordinance

09/28/2005 2040 Regional Framework Plan - NIPC's County Development Framework

09/16/2005 Consumer Protection Ordinance Passed by City Council

09/02/2005 Court nixes suit against developers

08/22/2005 U.S. Supreme Court refuses to revisit eminent domain issue

08/19/2005 Stan Kaderbek resigns from the Department of Buildings

08/10/2005 DCAP's Hernandez is squeezed out amid City Hall clean up efforts

06/24/2005 Who's Affraid of Eminent Domain? - After Kelo

12/15/2004 Revised Chicago Building Code allows for CPVC for fire sprinkler pipe

12/08/2004 New City sprinkler regulations should pass City Council

10/25/2004 Gold Coast Zoning Challenge Continues

08/30/2004 New Highland Park Ordinance promoting remodeling over teardowns

08/24/2004 The Zoning Wars Begin

08/02/2004 Choice of Zoning Ordinance Review -- 2003 or 2004.

07/28/2004 Updated Mechanical Code in Effect July 28, 2004

07/15/2004 Developers to pass on costs of Will County developer fees

07/01/2004 New Accessibility Code in Effect July 1, 2004

06/17/2004 New Chicago Zoning Ordinance Seminar

06/02/2004 New Chicago Zoning Administrator Named

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