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Daley appoints Sadhu Johnston Chief Environmental Officer

Mayor Richard M. Daley named a new commissioner to the Chicago Department of Environment and created a new Chief Environmental Officer position to oversee citywide environmental efforts.

Mayor Daley has chosen Suzanne Malec-McKenna as the new Commissioner of the Department of Environment (DOE). Malec-McKenna brings more than 15 years of experience in environmental issues including sustainable development and ecological preservation.

The Mayor also named former Environment Commissioner Sadhu Johnston to the new position of Deputy Chief of Staff functioning as Chief Environmental Officer in the Mayors Office - the first position of its kind in the nation. He will be responsible for implementing the City's environmental agenda across all areas of City government. He has served as the Commissioner for the Department of Environment for the past two years.

"I've asked them to ensure that Chicago government continues to lead by example and that were embracing new policies and initiatives," said Daley. "And, I've asked them to develop a thoughtful series of steps that any person or household in our City can take to become part of the solution and embrace an environmentally friendly way of life."

Malec-McKenna has served for 13 years in the Department of Environment most recently as Deputy Commissioner of Natural Resources and Water Quality. Prior to joining City government she worked as an Urban Forestry Manager for the Openlands Project.

Johnston has been the Commissioner for the Department of Environment for the past two years. Prior to joining the Department of Environment he served as Assistant to the Mayor, responsible for green initiatives. Before joining City government, Johnston was the founder and Executive Director of the Cleveland Green Building Coalition in Cleveland, Ohio.

"Nowhere are the demands of a changing world more prevalent than in the changing patterns of our environment," said Daley. "As we look to the future, I have asked Sadhu and Suzanne to develop a series of new steps that will keep Chicago on track as the most environmentally-friendly city in the nation."