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New E-Zine: Sustainable Chicago

Index Publishing is pleased to announce the inaugural issue of Sustainable Chicago, an e-zine published in cooperation with the City of Chicago's Department of Environment, Department of Buildings, the Chicago chapters of the USGBC and AIA and other leaders of Chicago's efforts to lead by example in sustainable design and development. Sustainable Chicago grew from our successful annual Building Green Chicago Conferences.

Each free issue of Sustainable Chicago will provide updates on local efforts to implement sustainable initiatives, including the latest design and development strategies, featured local projects, city and county incentives, new products and services and business justifications to build green. Unlike other publications, Sustainable Chicago will provide valuable insight to all members of the local real estate community into green development that will help improve their ROI and continue to keep the Chicago area at the forefront of the sustainable movement.

We hope you enjoy our premiere issue of Sustainable Chicago and invite you to offer your comments and suggestions based on challenges and successes you have experienced in seeking "ROGI" - return on green investment. Please send your comments or article suggestions to us.