Chicago Codes
Job Opening: Building Commish

One of Richard Rodriguez's first positions with the City of Chicago was in the Department of Aviation. Now Mayor Daley is sending him back to head that department, after serving the last year as Building Commissioner.

Rodriguez, 37, first rose to the commissioner level as chief of the now defunct Department of Construction and Permits. Rodriguez held that position for over a year before Daley appointed him to head the Department of Buildings. Within months of that move, DCAP was dissolved into the Building Department, where Rodriguez supervised the duties of both departments.

If your head's not spinning with all the changes of the last two years, you haven't been paying attention. But Daley credits Rodriguez with streamlining the building permit process and hopes he can bring the same expertise to overseeing the impending O'Hare expansion, record delays at one of the nation's largest airports and privatization of Midway.

According to Rodriguez, the city hasn't decided on his successor. Richard J. Monocchio will serve as acting commissioner while the Department and City Council decide on a replacement.