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U.S. Supreme Court refuses to revisit eminent domain issue

The Supreme Court refused on Monday August 22, 2005 to revisit its decision in the case of Kelo v. City of New London, No. 04-108.

In that narrow 5-4 decision the Court gave local governments more power to seize people's homes for economic development.

Justice John Paul Stevens, who wrote the majority opinion, defended it last week saying that the high court has ''always allowed local policy-makers wide latitude in determining how best to achieve legitimate public goals.''
Stevens also said that ''the public outcry that greeted [the Kelo ruling] is some evidence that the political process is up to the task of addressing such policy concerns.''

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who wrote the minority opinion, said that the ruling favored the well-heeled over the less fortunate. There are also several reports that legislators in some 25 states are considering changing their eminent domain laws to soften the impact.