Chicago Codes
Revised Chicago Building Code allows for CPVC for fire sprinkler pipe

Chicago has joined the country's other 50 largest cities in allowing the use of CPVC for fire sprinkler systems in high-rise retrofits. This is the first time that Chicago high rises can install anything other than metallic fire sprinkler pipe.

This move is a direct response to the approval by City Council of the new ordinance that mandates sprinklers in older commercial buildings. Log in to see the complete ordinance. Under the ordinance, building owners have up to 12 years to retrofit their commercial high rises with phased completion dates at 4 and 8 years.

A previous section of the Chicago Building Code had required that only metal pipe could be used in fire sprinkler installations. This new section passed by City Council December 15, 2004, supercedes the old section and allows that any sprinkler piping meeting or exceeding the requirements of NFPA 13-2002 can now be used.