Chicago Codes
Gold Coast Zoning Challenge Continues

The City of Chicago and Gold Coast residents are elated about another court win against Draper & Kramer. The city and the Chicago-based developer have been wrestling over a proposed high-rise in the north side neighborhood. The legal battles began in 1999 after the city rezoned the site at 1320 N. Lake Shore Drive to prevent Draper & Kramer from constructing a forty-story condominium. Neighborhood residents, backed by the Near North Preservation Coalition, were concerned that the building's density would undermine the neighborhood's image.

Cook County Circuit Court Judge Julia M. Nowicki ruled against Draper & Kramer in their original suit. However, Draper & Kramer won the right to Planning Department approval in an appeal, but not a zoning certificate or building permit. The case was remanded back to the Circuit Court for further ruling.

On Oct. 15, Judge Nowicki ruled that the $300,000 Draper & Kramer spent in development costs did not give them a "vested right" to erect the tower. But Forrest D. Bailey, President and CEO of Draper & Kramer, vowed to fight on. "We're going forward with an appeal and are confident the appellate court will overturn Judge Nowicki for the third time," he said.

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