Chicago Codes
Choice of Zoning Ordinance Review -- 2003 or 2004.

NOW - Have your project reviewed under the newly adopted 2004 Chicago Zoning Ordinance

As of August 2, 2004, you may choose to have development project review under the new Chicago Zoning Ordinance or the current Ordinance. You have this choice until October 30, 2004. Then on November 1, 2004, the new Ordinance becomes effective and all new projects will be reviewed under the 2004 ordinance. If you do not choose, your project will fall under the current Ordinance.

One exception is for complete applications submitted to DCAP prior to November 1, which will fall under the current Ordinance.

Also note that this choice is not available for projects in the downtown zoning districts as defined in the new Ordinance.

Process: you make your choice at the time you submit your intake application for a DCAP appointment. If you choose the new 2004 Ordinance you will be subject to the additional submission requirements.

If you need help deciding which code will work best for your project you can call the Department of Zoning at (312) 744-3508.

Copies of the new Chicago Zoning Ordinance together with all the other pertinent code sections will be published in Index Publishing's 2004 Chicago Zoning Ordinance next month. Call us at 312.644.7800 to reserve your copies.

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